Social - Pin, Pie and Pint

Thursday 15 February 2018 19:00
Pin, Pie and Pint social at the Fleur de Lys in Lowsonford.

This year’s Pin, Pie and Pint social returns by popular demand to the Fleur de Lys in Lowsonford. We do not have many pubs in this area that still have traditional pub skittles, but the Fleur de Lys is one of them. As with last year, we will be running the evening on a Thursday, Thursday 15 February. This is because Nick and Emma have made such a success of the Fleur de Lys that they no longer have space to run the skittles on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings.

I am very conscious that a Thursday evening is not likely to prove as popular as a Friday for many and that this year it is a little close to Valentine’s Day, but we have certainly had fun at this event over the last few years so I wanted to see if we can keep our support going for this lovely old pub. What I therefore need from you please is an indication as to whether you do intend to come along.

We need a minimum of 16 to make it worthwhile for the pub to remove tables and set up the skittles alley, and this also gives management an idea as to whether they need to ensure they have additional staff on. In the past couple of years we have had around 30 people and it would be nice to do so again. Remember this is one social that it’s great to bring your better half to (perhaps being close to Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad after all) – lovely old pub in a great setting, real fires, good food, good real ale and great company. Plus that small matter of the grudge match – will the ladies come out better than the men on the skittles alley. Feel free to bring friends too (potential new members always welcome).

The idea is to meet from 7.00pm onwards. As before, no need to all turn up bang on 7.00pm as it helps the kitchen if our arrivals are spread out somewhat. The pub was the original home of the Fleur de Lys pie that many of you (over a certain age, like me) may remember fondly from fish and chip shops in the area (though various take overs mean this make of pie no longer exists). However, they still have an interesting menu, including pies (Kate & Sidney, Heidi, Deerstalker etc). You can get a good idea of what is available from their website ( The pub also has four hand pumps and visits during last year have seen some interesting guest ales (they even had a Goddards ale from Isle of Wight last week).

I do need to get a firm idea of numbers interested in attending, so can you let me know if you are coming by e-mailing me at the address below and letting me know how many of you there will be. Please let me ku.vog.esh@ekooc.yar() know by 20 January at the latest.